8" x 12",  $250

12" x 16",  $350

16" x 20", $475

19" x 25",  $750

24"x36", $950

Prices apply to one pet only.

Paintings are unframed and unmatted

Animals/Pets - Still Lifes - Landscapes - Portraits.

All paintings are created from photographs.

You can send me your photographs by email.

Written descriptions of pet coloration and personality are also helpful.


It is very important to have a good photograph to work from. The quality of my portrait will be dependent on your photos.

You need a photograph that is clear, up close and is of a pose that is typical of your pet. The photo's below are an example of the images that are best to work with. To achieve this the following guide helps you get the photo you want.

The best possible lighting is achieved outside or by a window. If you are outside avoid in direct sunlight as this will make your pet squint and also you will have dark shadows on the face and the coloring of fur will not be true. If the sun is out, put your pet in the shade, but stand with your back to the garden that has the sun on it otherwise your camera will focus on the area with the sun and your pet will just be a shadow in the foreground. (have the light source behind you) The best day is a bright overcast day (not too heavy cloud so the light is still getting through).

If you have to take your photo indoors, then in a light room near the window is best. (your back to the window and your pet facing the window). Try to avoid using the flash, as this will cause red eye in your photo.

The best position of your pet is to have yourself right down at the same level of your pet. Photos pointing down don't look right. If need be lay down. It is a good idea to have someone next to you with a favorite toy or sweetie, or to say a word that gets your pet to look interested. Have your pet look at the person next to you. As this pose is better than face on or completely side view. A slight angle to the side is much better.


Here are some examples.





Please contact me for questions or enquiries